The appellate process is uniquely different from the trial process. Neeti understands this process and has the analytical, research, and writing skills necessary to effectively represent individuals through all stages of an appeal: from identifying issues in the Notice of Appeal, researching the applicable law and writing briefs, through oral argument.

An appeal is a review process by a higher court. It is not merely a re-arguing of the facts presented to a trial court. Rather, the higher court reviews the issues pursuant to specific legal standards to determine whether the trial court committed reversible error. Accordingly, a nuanced and thorough understanding of the applicable law is critical to effective appellate representation. Neeti’s extensive family law experience provides her with substantive legal knowledge to analyze the strengths of appellate issues and provide clients with practical and balanced advice.

Not all appellate matters are published. An opinion may be published when it establishes new law or clarifies existing law. Of the numerous appeals Neeti has handled, she has had the following opinions published: